Failures, and recoveries

I haven’t posted here in ages.  Not that it really matters.  I never could figure out my blog identity.  Some combination of food and child.  It’s very demograpically correct.

Speaking of boy, I just weathered a medium-size parenting fail.  Down in the crib for the Sunday afternoon nap, Bug makes it known, as he sometimes is wont to do, that he’s not that interested in a nap.  Probably would rather be playing with the “new” (from the Salvation Army, and missing parts) toy airplane that Grandpa and Dupey bought him (they left this afternoon).  So he is saying “I want to get up” and “I want Mom to come in,” but not really in any distress and alternating those statements with babble about other things — motors, front loaders, steam shovels, the usual.  Then after about an hour he sounds more distressed.  And then he is screaming and crying because he has taken a crap in his crib.  “I want Mom to clean up that poop.”  Oh, did I forget to tell you?  He wasn’t wearing any diaper, underwear, pants, nothing on the bottom.  By request.  And why not?  He hasn’t so much as peed during a nap in months and months.  I  swear I never heard him say anything about pooping — and he usually does when he needs to.  So then I was dealing with a very upset boy, a pile of crap on a sheet, and a failed nap.  But we recovered.  Went to the potty, sat there for a while, cleaned up the crib, changed sheets, and then I announced we would have a “do-over.”  So we started the whole nap routine again.  Stories, songs, in the crib.  Out the minute he hit the sheets.  So he went to sleep at 3 instead of 1.

So wherein lies the failure?  Well, you might not believe in cribs, so that might be a failure right there.  You might not think I should ever ignore a boy saying he wants his Mom to come in.  But in my mind, the failure was: a) not putting on a diaper in spite of the fact that he almost never ever needs one; b) not going in a little sooner to see what was up.  I was torn.  Sometimes I go in and re-tuck or explain that it’s naptime, blah-blah, but often that just makes things worse.  So I guess I wished I’d had better instincts during all phases.  The only good instincts I had were to do the “do-over” and just redo the whole nap routine so at least I wouldn’t also be dealing with a completely exhausted napless child by dinnertime.


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