Should we touch it?

Yesterday the Bug and I went for a late afternoon walk to the playground with the dogs while BD reorganized our storage closet and made dinner.  On our way home it was starting to get dark thanks to the time change.  This is one of the few recent times that Bug has been outside in the dark since he’s in bed by 7:30 and all spring and summer, it was light out then.   There was a big, beautiful almost full moon (it’s actually full today) sitting pretty low over the horizon in a cloudless sky.  I pointed it out to Bug as we were walking home.  He turned to face it, then looked at me and said, “should we touch it?”  I told him to reach for it, to stretch his arms out as long as he could.  He did, but still couldn’t reach it.  Then he wanted to walk closer to it.  All the way home, as we moved along he wanted to keep track of the moon.  We spied it over houses and through tree branches.  “It’s floating in the sky” Bug pronounced.

For bedtime stories last night I pulled out “Goodnight Moon,” which we haven’t read in ages, to honor our time with the moon.  Bug was very, very interested in it.  The big, glowing moon outside the window in the story looked just like the moon we had seen outside.  This morning in the car he remarked, “remember, we read a story, Goodnight Moon.”

We have another cloudless sky today, so hopefully tonight we can take the Bug outside to see the full moon.

Other news:

Friday we carved pumpkins, two small ones, and lit them up as we ate dinner.  We turned off the lights in the kitchen to watch them glow.  “They are glowing” Bug said.  He was very interested in the candles.


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