Verbs, other sayings and doings.

The Bug is 22 months, 1 week today.  One of the interesting recent developments in his language is that he is making verbs.  He’s been using verbs for a while now, but only verbs that he hears us use.  Now he is making his own verbs, adding -ing to the end of things.  For example, he recently said that a man in one of his books was “guitaring,” which is to say that the guy was playing the guitar.  And yesterday he was playing with the DDs’ metronome and announced that it was “tick-tocking.”  So that’s cool.

What else is new with The Bug?  A lot.  He’s really, really, really into trucks and other vehicles.  He’s into riding his “bike” around the house.  He loves riding on his bike seat on my or Baby Daddy’s bike.  We started taking him to the beach after finally realizing that it might be a cool place to take a kid  who love to dig in the sand.  Plus now that it’s past Labor Day, the beaches in town are free.  He’s eating really well, though he’s still not too much into self-feeding and prefers to have one or both of us make eating seem exciting or fun in one way or another.  He continues to be into beets, though now he likes to eat them raw and grated, and even eats kale on a somewhat regular basis, and not just the chip form of it.  I introduced him to pumpkin seeds the other day and he really digs those.

This morning he had a good old-fashioned tantrum.  One of the few we’ve gotten from him.  He wanted to play with a bottle of lotion, which was okay by me, but I told him he had to keep it in the bathroom, not in the dining room where he had carried it.  So I picked it up off the floor and brought it into the bathroom.  He stayed on the dining room floor and sort of kicked his legs around and whined a bit.  Then he came into the bathroom and really just cried, even though I was telling him the whole time that he could now play with the lotion bottle.  As usual, Baby Daddy saved the day by passing us some goggles to play with.  Tantrum over.


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