Our kitchen/office/bathroom renovations have begun.  Brawny Romanian workmen arrived at 8am on August 4th and began taping off the floors, sealing up the doorways, and then pounding the shit out of cabinets and walls.  They took out all the old kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, soffits, and wood-paneled walls.  Underneath the god-awful rental-white wood paneling was the original subway tile, put in when the building was constructed in 1928.  It was beautiful and also too damaged to salvage.  All that glue used to put up the tiles has forever damaged it.  Sad, but fun, to see.

It’s going to be fun living with a toddler & 2 dogs & no kitchen & bathroom for 2-4 weeks.  It’s not quite as bad as all that since we can sleep and bathe in the basement and were able to use the DDs kitchen while they were out of town.  That got us through one week of eating, at least!

Now, about to begin week 3 of the renovations, we have made do with meals.  We have grilled a TON.  I never want to eat another gluten sausage again.  Or another corn cob. Too bad we have about 8 more cobs of corn sitting in our fridge (thank you CSA).  We went for 2-for-1 pizza night at a local eatery, only our second meal out with the Bug in his toddlerhood.  And this week I arranged to use the DDs kitchen for a couple of meals — pesto pasta & kale chips and burritos — and made extras for their dinner in exchange.

In other eating news: more greenbeans coming in, which the Bug is still enjoying crunching on.  We ate the first of our garden tomatoes, which was good but not as earth-shattering as I had hoped.  More tomatoes are ripening.  We also discovered a crazy kind of heirloom bean called “dragon’s tongue” at the farmer’s market that Bug loves to eat raw.  And last week at the mid-week farmer’s market he insisted on buying raspberries and blueberries, fruit he normally scorns.  Though when we got home his love affair with blueberries was over; he kept eating the raspberries.  The past two weekends at the Saturday farmer’s market Bug has urged me to buy these little half-pints of wild strawberries.  They are the perfect bite-size berries for little mouths, and he usually devours half the box while we’re still at the market.  Today he tried raw cabbage as well, which seemed to be a hit.

I am really ready for these renovations to be over so we can end our camping in the basement experience.  But all told, we are lucky.


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