Kale Chips are Crispy and Salty

and I made them for dinner last night.  Well, that wasn’t all we ate.  We also ate a beet roesti (it’s like a beet latke) and some vegetarian sausages.  And guess what?  The Bug ate each and every single one of those items.  I wanted to cheer, but instead I played it cool.  I sent all of the same to daycare for lunch, and very little of it came back, so I’m assuming that he continued to eat these things again today.  Let me stress that I did not tell The Bug that he was eating kale, just that he was being offered “chips.”  Likewise, with the roesti, whenever I mentioned that it was beets, he recoiled and began wimpering, so I let well enough alone.  If I said nothing, he just happily ate that yummy goodness.  The problem is that I want these versions to be gateway drugs: like if I tell him he’s eating kale and beets, then when I serve them cooked some other way, he’ll have the idea in his head, “okay, great, I’ve eaten and enjoyed kale and beets before.  No problem, Mom, pass them over.”

Tonight for dinner we had egg salad sandwiches, homemade pickles (thank you CSA cucumber madness & Mark Bittman), crunchy, baked garbanzo beans & salad.  Another delicious dinner.

In other news, we LEFT TOWN WITHOUT OUR CHILD.  For 3 days.  We went to a wedding in a beautiful Pacific Northwest city, and cursed the gods that consigned us to life in the Midwest (no midwestern jokes, though, I AM a native and I do have a shred of pride even if I’d rather live in the promised land where it’s not too hot and not too cold and everything grows), while also enjoying the company of our dear, funny, and too far-flung graduate school friends.  The Bug was tended by his paternal grandfather (aka Big Poppy) and his father’s Aunt and Uncle (I guess that makes them his great-Aunt and Uncle?) and it all seems to have gone swimmingly.  We relaxed, and the elders in the clan really got to know this lovely child in a way that only total responsibility brings.

Now we are back, our kitchen & bathroom & office renovations begin in less than a week and I am holding my breath as we prepare to drain our savings into our house during a historic slump in the housing market.  But I really can’t stand our dumpy cabinets any more either.


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